Mark Skeen

I’m Mark Skeen, a mortgage consultant and loan officer. As a man
whose worn many hats, I understand what it’s like to be on all sides of the
home buying process. From experiencing business hardships as a
young man and dealing with credit issues, to owning a successful
contracting company in Columbia, SC for several years, I can navigate
a range of situations for home buyers with trusted insight.

When I began my career as a loan officer, one of the first loans I
closed was for an older Air Force veteran who had come to believe he
would never be able to buy a house. His whole family was present
during the closing and, when he got his keys, he got choked up, and so
did I. Realizing the importance of homeownership and the weight of the
financial impact it can have on families for generations, I knew being a
loan officer was a profession I wanted to throw all my effort into.

Today, I am dedicated to providing home buyers with
the encouragement, support, and knowledge they
need to take the next step. I pride myself on easy and
efficient communication, and prioritize providing
clear, competent answers to client questions during
the home buying process. I look forward to working
with each and every client to make their goals a