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  • Estimated Payment Info – What do “PITI” & “PITIA” Mean?

    Estimated Payment Info – What do “PITI” & “PITIA” Mean?

    When you talk to a lender about a mortgage, plenty of acronyms are thrown around and it can be challenging to keep up. If you don’t work in the industry (and sometimes if you do) it can seem impossibly vague like trying to communicate in a foreign language. When you are trying to get a…

  • What Is An Escrow Account?

    What Is An Escrow Account?

    Okay, I will readily admit … no one gets excited about escrow accounts, but having a working knowledge about what an escrow account is can be VERY helpful when you are working with mortgage lenders and realtors. Escrow accounts are an instrument that can be used in several different ways and situations. For our purposes,…